Welcome Kids

Hey Kids! It’s a….
Rally for Kindergartens to Grade 7 that’s happening at 11:15 am  Sunday,  April 1,  2018.

Activities will include…
Music, puppets, games, and an engaging bible lesson.   It’s Free and It’s Fun!

The Children’s Ministry is one of the most action-packed ministries of our church.

We’re so glad you stopped by!

It’s always good to know what to expect when one comes to a church for the first time.

Here at People’s Church, we invite you and your children to join us for a time of worship in the sanctuary before the children are dismissed to their classes at 11:15 am. Once in their classes, they are introduced to their teacher and the other children.  The children will then be introduced to an exciting bible topic along with activities to go along with their lesson.

With action packed lessons, crafts and games, God’s word is being instilled in their hearts each Sunday.

What ages do we teach?
Our classes are for 3 – 4 yr olds,  5 – 7 yrs old  &  8 – 12 yr olds.
We have a family room in our nursery with a large play area which is open before and during service.
For moms with babes, we have a private nursing room if you like, which includes a crib and change station.

Our children’s dress code is very casual.

For more information regarding our children’s ministry please call  780-481-2244 ext 26