Our Goal for Missions in 2018 is to bless and support our pastors, missionairies and evangelists  in…

  • Malawi

    The Purpose
    Join us in supporting long time missionary and school director, Phyllis Labrantz,  the founder of “Friends of Malawi Ministries” She started a school in Malawi along with housing for teachers, students and staff. Phyllis and her staff face daily challenges and the need for supplies is continual.  Phyllis needs our prayers and financial support, will you help?

  • India

    The Purpose
    Your donation of $100 a month will help support young evangelist/pastors in India so that they can be free to preach the gospel in thier home villages and surrounding areas. This evangelistic and church-planting work in India is as close to the Book of Acts in 2015 as you can imagine. These men and women are quite literally  putting their lives on the line on a daily basis and they need our prayer and support. Please call the Church office for further details and updates.

  • Kids On Track

    The Purpose
    “Kids On Track is a community organization in Edmonton, with a passion to offer hope, direction and support to children, youth and parents. They are purposeful in focusing on those families whose socioeconomic situations have made it difficult for them to access opportunities needed for optimal development of their young people. By using the vehicle of recreational and educational activities, children cultivate enriching relationships with positive role models and are encouraged in their character development. They strive to support young people in developing the interpersonal skills needed to succeed socially with their peers, families, and authority figures. It is their hope that youth will be empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices and become positive, responsible, contributing citizens.” (information provided by Kids On Track)

    To find out more about Kids On Track go to kidsontrack.org

  • Compassion Kids

    The Purpose
    To help children reach their potential, we have chosen to sponser 4 Compassion Kids from as far away as Sri Lanka, Mexico, Bangladesh and Nicaragua.
    With your support we help the student centers in their communities provide Bible teaching, medical checkups, nutritios food, health education, special celebrations, tutoring, school supplies, uniforms and shoes. The Center Staff  also provideS meetings, evangelism and opportunities for project involvement for the parents or guardians of our sponsored children. A great program to support.

Thank you for your generous donation.