Our Goal for Missions in 2017 is to bless and support the pastors and their ministries in…

  • Zimbabwe

    The Purpose
    Working together to build a community! Peoples Church has partnered with Apostle John Musadzirumha and his church in Zimbabwe, Africa. Together, we have raised funds to provide tools for ministry that will develop a sustainable farm, housing and a Bible college. This in turn will provide employment for church members and income for pastors so they  can be self sustaining and self sufficient.

  • Malawi

    The Purpose
    Join us in supporting long time missionary and school director, Phyllis Labrantz,  the founder of “Friends of Malawi Ministries” She started a school in Malawi along with housing for teachers, students and staff. Phyllis and her staff face daily challenges and the need for supplies is continual.  Phyllis needs our prayers and financial support, will you help?

  • India

    The Purpose
    Your donation of $100 a month will help support young evangelist/pastors in India so that they can be free to preach the gospel in thier home villages and surrounding areas. This evangelistic and church-planting work in India is as close to the Book of Acts in 2015 as you can imagine. These men and women are quite literally  putting their lives on the line on a daily basis and they need our prayer and support. Please call the Church office for further details and updates.

  • Haiti

    The Purpose
    Peoples Church, believes in the future of the Haitian People. Through our partnership with PEER Servants Canada, we are providing financial aid that can be put  towards projects that will bring training and coaching opportunities to  pastors, teachers, and community leaders. Projects that bring hope for a better tomorrow includes micro-finance programs and building programs as well as health and well being programs that are necessary in creating sustainable change.

  • As a result of the 2010 earthquake the children of “Delta 60” lost their school and Evangelique Unie Church was heavily damaged.  Through our partnership with them we have witnessed the rebuilding of Evangelique Unie Church so that is has become not only a church building but also a new training facility and a school for up to 150 students.

For more information on how you can help support one or more of these area’s of ministry, please contact us at Peoples’ Church, Edmonton (780)481-2244 or you can give directly online by clicking on the link Give.   Thank you for your financial donation!

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